It is a stock footage used frequentely in the Anime where Panda-Mama uses a vacuum to tease her son. Commonly reacts like this when Panda is being lazy or disrespectful, Panda yells "Suwanaide!" ( 吸わないで ) which literally means "Don't suck me up!"

"Suwanaide" is also a double entendre, as it could be interpreted as a casual request from a cute panda to the (young) viewers "Please do not smoke" (casual form of "tabako o suwanaide kudasai").


    • Shirokuma Café e Yōkoso (Panda says he is "Too busy being lazy to look for a part-time job")
    • Panda-kun no shūshoku (Panda lies to his mother about calling to a part-time job requester when he was actually calling to Shirokuma Café for delivery)