Polar Bear Café

Polar Bear's Cafe (しろくまカフェ Shirokuma Kafe?) is the main setting of the show and is owned by Polar Bear.


The cafe has a few separate entities working behind the scenes to provide customers with delicious food and drink. These operations include the following:

Vegetable Garden[]

Tree-Climbing Coffee (キノボリコーヒー, Kinobori Kōhī)[]

Owned by coffee specialist Tree Kangaroo, this location provides coffee beans to Polar Bear's Cafe. The red squirrel group also works here and selects the coffee beans Tree Kangaroo uses for roasts. Masaki starts working there in episode 19 after tasting the black coffee at the cafe.

Prairie Dog's Herb Garden[]

Lemurs' Cheese Workshop[]



  • Green Tea Parfait (抹茶パフェ Maccha Pafe?)
  • Strawberry Parfait (いちごパフェ Ichigo Pafe?)
  • Banana Parfait (バナナパフェ Banana Pafe?)
  • Choco Parfait (チョコパフェ Choko Pafe?)
  • Japanese style Parfait (和風パフェ Wafuu Pafe?)

From left to right: Bear Bear Parfait, Panda Parfait, South Pole Parfait

Unused Parfaits[]

  • Mandrill Parfait (マンドリルパフェ Mandoriru Pafe?)
  • Large serving Grass Parfait (草大盛りパフェ Kusa oomori Pafe?)
  • Shell Parfait (甲羅パフェ Koura Pafe?)
  • Bamboo Parfait (竹パフェ Take Pafe?)
  • Sardine Parfait (イワシパフェ Iwashi Pafe?)
  • Panda Parfait (パンダパフェ Panda Pafe?)
  • South Pole Parfait (南極パフェ Nankyoku Pafe?)
  • Bear Bear Parfait (クマクマパフェ Kuma kuma Pafe?)