Penko (ペン子 Penko?) is a female emperor penguin and Penguin's love-interest.
Chara penko


Penko looks exactly like her 13 other sisters. Penko is similar to Penguin in appearance, but Penko has a red bow on her head.



Abilities and PowersEdit


A penguin that works at a bakery near the Polar Bear Cafe and is Mr. Penguin's love interest. However when Mr. Penguin finally confesses to her it turns out she is one among seven identical sisters that were taking different shifts at the bakery.

Somehow Mr. Penguin ends up dating all seven of them at once (even though he has a hard time telling the difference between all of them), in the end they break up when the sisters realize that none of Mr. Penguin's traits are interesting.


  • Besides from Penko there are Penmi (ペン美), Penna (ペン奈), Penka (ペン花), Penuelle (ペンニュエル), Penno (ペン乃), and Penjolina (ペンジョリーナ)
  • All are voiced by Sayuri Yahagi
  • Mr. Penguin gave them bows to be able to tell the difference between them, but only Llama is actually able to tell the difference between all of them.