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Emperor Penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri)


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Penguin (ペンギン Pengin?), also known as Emperor Penguin (コウテイペンギン Koutei Pengin?) is a customer at Shirokuma Cafe.

He runs a blog where he writes about his love for Penko. He spends multiple episodes trying to earn his driver's license so he can take her out for a date.


Penguin has the classic coloring of his species. While he doesn't wear clothes often, he is sometimes seen wearing a scarf and a panda costume in the opening sequence.


Penguin generally acts as the tsukkomi to Polar Bear's puns and silly antics. He often tries to act knowledgeable in areas in which he is not, and often blames his failures on others (such as how he blamed the driving instructor for his own failed driving test). Penguin also loves to hear himself talk, shown by how he often tells the same stories over and over again. When others don't respond the way he expects, he tends to get upset and flail around or raise his voice and squawk out honest truths. He constantly looks for validation from others but will say his true feelings if he feels strongly enough.

He has a huge crush on Penko, but has been too shy to ask her out, or even talk to her. His uncomfortable and cautious nature when talking to his crush causes him to buy multiple bags of bread in order to have an excuse to see her. Penguin is shown to be extremely persistent in asking her out, to the point where he asked for 7 days straight. This also shows that he may be a little delusional since he asked the same question multiple days in a row but didn't wait for her answer until the last day.  

Overall, his personality is very realistic. He has both good and bad sides, but is genuinely a good friend at heart.  


The main story focuses on his daily life and the friendship he creates with others. However, there is a side plot where he pursues his crush, Penko.

Penguin started falling in love with Penko in episode 2, and learns how to drive in order to try and impress her. He eventually decides to confess to her on episode 15, and goes to the bakery everyday for a week to confess his love and ask her on a date. However, on the actual day of the date he finds that Penko is one of seven identical sisters that were taking different shifts at the bakery, and that he confessed to all seven of them.


Polar Bear[]

Penguin is a regular at Polar Bear's Cafe and overtime became good friends with Polar Bear and Panda. Polar Bear acts as the boke in their friendship and often tries to tell ridiculous stories or puns in order to get a rise out of him. Outside of the comedic part of their relationship, Polar Bear has also patiently given Penguin advice and encouragement, whether it be on how to drive or how to approach Penko properly.

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Panda and Penguin met at Polar Bear's Cafe and started to become good friends from there. Penguin often has to deal with Panda's never-ending naivety and laziness, but he seems to enjoy it and sees it as a way to preach about things he knows. Panda's straightforward attitude and high self confidence is a steep contrast to Penguin's awkward and cautious socializing, which is why they have a great friendship.

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Penko works in a bakery and is Penguin's love interest. He develops a huge crush on her but was too shy to initiate a conversation, which leads to a huge misunderstanding when he does ask her out. Penko is actually one out of 7 identical sisters (septuplets), all with different names. Penguin accidentally invited each one of them individually on a date. He was then rejected by all 7 sisters and continues to hide from the group of them after their date went poorly.

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  • Penguin wished for Penko to confess her love to him on Tanabata.
  • Penguin's poem to Penko in episode 2 was named "The Miss Penko":
    • Miss Penko laughs. / Miss Penko walks. / Miss Penko eats fish.
  • Nankyoku no Blizzard (南極のブリザード Nankyoku no Burizaado?, literally meaning "Blizzard of the South Pole"):
  • Penguin no Izumi (ペンギンの泉 Pengin no Izumi?, literally meaning "Penguin's Lake")
  • Penguin claims he is Panda's best friend in episode 44