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Grizzly Bear (Ursus arctos horribilis)


Grizzly-Mama (mother)


Bar the Grizzly (owner)


Episode 006

Japanese Voice

Yūichi Nakamura

Grizzly (グリズリー Gurizurii?) is, as his name suggests, a grizzly bear and head of Bar the Grizzly.


Grizzly is a tall, brown bear and is usually shown wearing a fringed leather vest, a silver cross necklace, a pair of motorcyclist goggles, a thick belt with a silver bull buckle, and black leather boots. In early episodes, Grizzly wore a necklace with a gold coin but afterwards is seen with a silver cross necklace instead. Due to how strong he is, Polar Bear often calls him to ask for help with manual labor. The others tend to find him scary looking which is most likely due to him being a carnivore.


Grizzly has a gruff demeanor and thrives on being seen as a wild and cool guy. He talks with a slight accent (such as saying "ya" instead of "you"). He is shown as having a short temper but when he shouts it's usually in jest.

As a cub, he had trouble making friends due to him looking scary. In his teens, he often skipped classes and could be found sleeping on the school rooftop (especially in the winter since his biological clock wanted to hibernate).

Overall, Grizzly grew up to be a soft-hearted and helpful bear. He will usually give in to Polar Bear's ridiculous demands, and will always show up when Polar Bear asks for a favor (even at times when he should be hibernating).


Polar Bear[]

Grizzly and Polar Bear as middle school students.

Grizzly met Polar Bear when they were out in the forest as cubs. Grizzly's fierce personality and large gait made it difficult to make friends, so he was lonely but would cover it up with being over the top (such as screaming "I'm the king of Alaska" to the other animals). One day, he met Polar Bear and tried to scare him off, but Polar Bear was unfazed since he is a similar size. They started hanging out together after that and have been best friends ever since. Grizzly sometimes finds Polar Bear's jokes a little disturbing and gets irritated with the number of puns he makes, but he truly values their friendship.

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Grizzly was first introduced to Panda in episode 6 when Panda wanted to be more "wild". They have almost a big brother/little brother relationship, where Grizzly tries to help Panda experience new things. Grizzly will sometimes object to Panda coming along his and Polar Bear's adventures, but will give in after enough pressure. Panda idolizes Grizzly since he fits the "cool and wild" style perfectly.

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Grizzly and Penguin are friends through Polar Bear. They once tried to make Polar Bear stop using puns in episode 43 by getting everyone to make the puns before Polar Bear could. They are both very similar characters in a sense due to their tsukkomi relationship with Polar Bear.

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Grizzly has a good relationship with his mother. He sometimes acts out of embarrassment towards her (especially when she refers to him lovingly by his nickname Little Grizz/Guri-chan). Sometimes his reaction will hurt her feelings, to which Grizzly feels bad and will apologize. She brought him Alaskan salmon and maple syrup when she visited in episode 49, and Grizzly happily ate it.

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Grizzly first met when they were cubs, when Polar Bear openly talked to him and didn't find him intimidating. Grizzly tried to intimidate him by saying that when grizzly bears grow up, they become real kings of Alaska. Polar Bear then replied in a calm demeanor that polar bears become the world's largest land carnivore when they grow up. Grizzly, instead, got intimidated and didn't want to play the "king game" anymore. Grizzly and Polar Bear has been hanging around ever since.

In his adolescence, he attended school along with Polar bear as shown in episode 42. Grizzly developed a crush on another female bear named Tsukiko during this time. He often would ask Polar Bear to go with him to the park so he could admire her from a distance. One day they spot her searching for something. Grizzly begged Polar Bear to go ask her what was wrong as he believed she would be scared of him. Polar Bear begrudgingly went to talk to her and learned that she was looking for her school badge. He also found out that Tsukiko's family was moving away, which was why she was so desperate to find it as it was a precious memento now. Upon learning this, Grizzly decided to look for it in order to help her out. It started snowing the next day, but Grizzly continued his search for hours and eventually found the badge. He then hid in the shadows behind a tree in order to give it back to her with snow piling on him so that she would think it was Polar Bear. Since Tsukiko only met Polar Bear and not Grizzly, she thanked him with the assumption that it was Polar Bear who found it. Grizzly then told her to take care and they never saw each other again.

When Grizzly became an adult, he started running his own bar called, "Bar The Grizzly". His customers are usually fierce beasts like himself. Wolf and Tiger are the most frequent regulars. Lion rarely goes anymore due to his job abroad, but takes a flight back to have reunion with Wolf and Tiger. During Grizzly's hibernation, Otter is left in-charge of the bar. Sometimes Polar Bear works in place of Otter when Otter has important occasions. It is shown in "Strive for it! Wild Panda" that Grizzly went to America. According to him, he rode across the horizon with his "baby" (motorbike) along with his biker friends.


  • According to Polar Bear, Grizzly's hobby is to ride around in his motorbike.
  • He's a skilled salmon hunter and is knowledgeable in smelt fishing.
  • Despite his violent mannerisms, he always does everything neatly and with skill. He is able to cut anything cleanly with his claws.
  • A hobby of his is baseball so he often goes to the batting center.
  • He also owns an S.U.V. which he uses to go on trips with Polar Bear.
  • His favorite food is Salmon Stew (or salmon in general).
  • Grizzly mentioned that Polar Bear always wakes him up when he hibernates every year.
  • His mother calls him "Little Grizz" (Guri-chan), which was his nickname when he was young.
  • He knows Fall as "the season of good appetite". His favorite thing to eat in the Fall is berries.