It is the thirtieth fourth episode of Shirokuma Café

Wolf´s occupation changeEdit

Wolf quits his job at Monkey´s Bakery because of the long hours and a back injury. Tiger convinces Wolf that he can work at his family´s bakery for a time until he finds a new job. Later Panda-Mama tells Wolf that there´s a position available at Donkey´s Bakery. Wolf is encouraged by Tiger, Lion and Grizzly to take the job. The next day Wolf attends the job interview and gets the job.

Mr Penguin´s new loveEdit

Llama tells the gang that he saw Penguin visiting Grizzly´s cafe. Polar Bear goes to the cafe the next day and discovers that Penguin has a crush on a waiter working there. Penguin has decides not to come to work at Polar Bear´s Cafe until he confesses to the waiter. Penguin gathers his courage and confesses his feelings but gets rejected.