Polar Bear Café

Episode 01
Welcome to the Polar Bear's Cafe / Panda-kun's Employment


しろくまカフェへようこそ / パンダくんの就職


Shirokuma Kafe e Yōkoso / Panda-kun no Shūshoku


April 5, 2012


Boku ni Invitation



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Welcome to the Polar Bear's Cafe[]

The story begins at Panda's house, where he's shown casually eating bamboo grass as his mother is cleaning. Panda-Mama confronts him after seeing him lazing around, and asks if he has put any thought into his future. She suggests getting a part-time job just so he's doing something with his life. Panda responds by saying he's too busy being lazy to work, which triggers his mother to use the vacuum on him to show her annoyance at his comment. This becomes an ongoing joke in the series, with Panda saying "Suwanaide!".

Panda then starts looking for part time jobs by going to the convenience store (as well as purchasing many bamboo snacks). He looks into the part-time job magazines and starts calling employers, asking about specific positions (such as being a designer or interior coordinator). This obviously fails, as he doesn't have any experience or skills. Panda-Mama eventually checks in with him again and finds that he hasn't made any progress, so she uses the vacuum cleaner on him again to show her displeasure.

Panda decides to take a walk outside and sees a yellow butterfly with a string attached to it. He tries to help take it off but it starts flying away, which makes him chase it. He ends up chasing it all the way to Polar Bear Cafe, which is filled with customers. He is then greeted by Polar Bear who removes the string from the butterfly, and asks Panda if he will be dining in. Panda's stomach growls and he asks for bamboo which the cafe doesn't have, and eventually just orders an iced coffee. Penguin is then introduced, asking Polar Bear about point cards and then ordering a cafe mocha. They then go through Polar Bear's usual puns and discuss his search for a part-time employee. Panda overhears this and asks if he can interview as well. Polar Bear and Penguin then proceed to interview Badger, Tortoise, Mandrill, Anteater, and Panda. After finding all of them unsuitable for the job, Sloth and Sasako arrive, with Sloth wondering if he can live behind the cafe. Polar Bear instantly gives the job to Sasako.

Panda is then shown talking to his mom about the cafe, where he finds out that it's actually located right behind his house.

Panda-kun's Employment[]

Panda calls Polar Bear Cafe and asks if they are able to deliver food to him. Panda-Mama comes in and sees him laying around, and hears Panda begging for them to deliver. She then uses the vacuum on him.

Panda then goes to the cafe disheveled. Sasako asks him what he'd like to order, and he notices that Penguin says "the usual" so he also says the same. Polar Bear makes a curry rice for him and he is noticeably disappointed. Panda asks again for bamboo, which they don't have. He then orders an iced coffee and Polar Bear suggests applying to be a tuna boat crewman which is immediately rejected by Panda. Penguin then suggests applying for a position at the zoo, which Panda agrees to.

Panda then sits in an interview with Handa and decides to go for the panda position (over the gorilla and asian black bear positions). He meets Full Time Panda at his job and works at the zoo for the first time (although he was asleep for most of it after tiring himself out when providing service [playing with the slide and a tire] to the patrons of the zoo). After work, he goes to Polar Bear Cafe again and joins Llama, Koala, and Mandrill at a table to chat about how work was. Panda then looks at the menu and notices that Polar Bear added bamboo to the menu just for him, which he happily orders.