Episode 01
Welcome to the Polar Bear's Cafe / Panda-kun's Employment


しろくまカフェへようこそ / パンダくんの就職


Shirokuma Kafe e Yōkoso / Panda-kun no Shūshoku


April 5, 2012


Boku ni Invitation



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Episode 2

It is the first episode of the anime Shirokuma Café.

Synopsis Edit

Welcome to the Polar Bear's CafeEdit

The Story begins at Panda's house, where he's eating bamboo grass peacefully while his mother is cleaning. Panda-Mama confronts him and arguing if Panda has thought about his future or even just having a part-time job. Panda says, he is too busy being lazy to work, when she hears this; his mother uses the vacuum to tease him and show her discontent.

Panda-kun's Employment Edit

After being kicked out of the house by his mother, Panda searches for a job but has trouble finding one due to his lack of (useful) skills and extreme laziness. Later, he stumbles onto Polar Bear Cafe, run by Polar Bear who was currently holding interviews for a part time position with his faithful customer Mr. Penguin.

Panda and the others (Mandrill, Anteater, Tortoise, and Badger) do not qualify fail the interview. The job instead goes to a human girl named Sasako   

However, the others soon point Panda towards a part-time job at a nearby zoo.