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What-a-bear What-a-bear 8 July 2020

Really hoping to revive this wiki!

I know that this community is probably not seeing many new faces nowadays, but I've loved Shirokuma Cafe for a long time and finally decided to join the wiki for it!

It makes me a little sad to see it in such disarray, but the anime is from 2012-2013 and the jokes are very Japanese-focused so I'm not very surprised. I've seen a few complaints on lack of information, so I've been making edits non-stop these past couple days and I really hope that it can help get the information back on track and maybe even get the community semi-active again. I'd like to organize it more and remove open editing for non-members if possible which requires admin access, so I've reached out to the bureaucrat of the wiki to ask. I've also reached out to Community…

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Catherinesebayang707 Catherinesebayang707 20 January 2018

Seventh Grader learning science

Hi I'm Cathrine and I'm a seventh grader. I am learning about organisms and it's about taxonomy. At first when I encountered this article, I thought it was a boring article, but finally I can help to fix these articles by adding some new categories which is Placentals and I'm grateful of this.  I hope more people know the deeper world about organisms (like animals).

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Kazoozie Kazoozie 27 June 2013

Things to say when eating peanuts/or any kind of nut

  • "God I love these nuts they feel so good in my mouth!"
  • "I wonder how many of these nuts I can fit in my mouth?"
  • "Nuts just taste so good!"
  • "Fuck I almost choked on these nuts."
  •  *Gargles on nuts*

And that's what I think about most of the day okay time to get to work. Since no one is really working on the episode summaries I'll edit them to the best of my ability. I'll try to get up to episode 3.

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Kazoozie Kazoozie 24 June 2013


Recently I have been sleeping  days at a time again ( because you know I am a lazy bum). And I remembered that I had responsibilites here so yeah I'm back. Probably be out for as long as that again.

I'm always at the chat so talk to me there if you need anything or message me on tumblr

Ok bye

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